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The artist

...born in 1959 in the zodiac sign of "Pisces", Cornel Braunwalder lives and works as independent artist in Wohlen, Switzerland. This versatile and always surprising artist makes his ideas, creativity and energies flow in his works.

Already as an 8-year- old, he received the second prize in a cantonal drawing competition. It was only years later, however, in connection with the sport of Karate to which he has dedicated many years as a top athlete and trainer, he took up drawing and painting. This talent remerged as he wrote and published the book "Toketa-Tai-Do" (way of the free body) where he complemented the photos with many of his illustrations.

From 1986 on, he painted predominantly erotic and anatomical nudes. Around 1989, the self taught artist's creativity and unique development of expression and technique began to explode. From then on, painting became more and more important in his life. In recent years his works have developed into more figurative abstract works which are very expressive and much appreciated by the public. His favorite media is acrylic on canvas.

His paintings, objects and sculptures emerge from themes, feelings, experiences and inspiration. His diverse renderings transmit an exciting and fascinating experience to the viewer. He is also not afraid to sometimes be deliberately provocative in his art.

Eyes, full of expression, the inner being and the body are symbols in his rich and unique COBRA style. He tries to avoid being influenced or distracted by other artists, always loyal to his principle:

Never copy, as only your own being can become first class, copy others
and you will always be second class.

Cornel Braunwalder adheres to this philosophy daily in his intensive, successful and free artistic activities.


Cornel Braunwalder, Hohbühlweg 1, CH-5610 Wohlen, Tel. 0041 (0)56 621 96 70